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The garage door is an important part of your commercial or residential Henderson’area property. Without a properly operating garage door, you’ll not only have a garage that doesn’t function efficiently, but the safety and security of your property may end up being compromised as well. This is why we take our garage door services so seriously here at Colorado Garage Door. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation in the Henderson area for providing top-of-the-line garage door repair, garage door installation and garage door replacement services in addition to excellent customer service. In fact, customer service is absolutely vital to us – we train our technicians to communicate clearly with our customers so that they are always aware of their options and of the installation, repair or replacement process.

Henderson Garage Door Repair

Whether your garage door is no longer functioning as it should or its showing signs that there might be a problem, such as strange sounds during operation, then there’s a good chance it’s in need of repairs. The following are some of the more common garage door problems that we can inspect and repair:

  • Malfunctioning garage door system – If the garage door is unable to open or close properly, completely unable to open or close, or making grinding noises while it opens or closes, then there could be a problem with the garage door opener. The garage door opener consists of numerous components that all depend on one another in order for the door to work smoothly. We will inspect each component to ensure that they are working as they should and we will repair or replace any components that require it. These components include the garage door springs, the garage door cables and the garage door roller.
  • Damaged garage door panel – A damaged panel or section not only makes your garage look run down, thereby hurting your property’s curb appeal, but can end up misaligning your garage door system, which can lead to even more issues to your garage door system.

Henderson Garage Door Installation

We are able to install any type of garage door from any manufacturer, whether it’s a small residential garage door or a large commercial garage door. All of our technicians have been expertly trained and have the skills, experience and knowledge necessary in order to properly install a garage door so that it operates at its optimal performance level for as long as possible. A garage door that isn’t installed correctly will begin exhibiting problems much sooner than later.

Henderson Garage Door Replacement

In addition to installing new garage doors, we also replace old garage doors, whether your old garage door has broken down or you’re just upgrading an outdated garage door. Our technicians will safely remove your old garage door as well as help you find a proper replacement for it. This means that we can help you to find the garage door that best fits your needs and install it safely and securely as well.