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Here at Colorado Garage Door, we strive to provide the best quality garage services in the Fort Lupton area. We pride ourselves on the reputation that we have fostered for providing high quality workmanship as well as for our top-of-the-line customer service. All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced to do any kind of garage door repair work or installation – the high standards that we set for our garage door services are simply a step above the rest. The following are some of the residential and commercial garage door services that we provide to the Fort Lupton area:

Fort Lupton Garage Door Repair Services

We can repair any kind of garage door, whether a residential garage door or a massive commercial-sized garage door – no matter what brand or model. It’s important to realize that a garage door may be in need of repair even if it is still functioning. For example, a garage door that is making strange sounds or that is opening and closing with difficulty is most likely in need of repair. We will send a technician out to your property in order to assess the garage door and identify the problem. The following are some of the more common repairs that we safely perform on garage doors throughout the Fort Lupton area:

  • Spring Repair – The torsion and extension springs are what help to lift and lower the garage door. If the garage door isn’t lifting or lowering properly, there’s a chance there’s an issue with the springs and they need to be repaired or replaced by a professional immediately. Otherwise, they could damage the other components of the garage door.
  • Cable Repair – Cables can wear out over time and may require replacement if they are affecting the function of your garage door.
  • Roller Repair – Rollers can also wear out over time and may require repair or replacement to keep your garage door operating properly.
  • Section or Panel Repair – Not only can a damaged section or panel affect your curb appeal negatively, but it can cause the door be aligned improperly, which can cause damage to the entire garage door system.

Fort Lupton Garage Door Installation Services

If you are building a new garage, then we can help you find a garage door that best suits your needs and to help to properly install it. Proper installation is vital to maintaining optimal performance – if it’s not properly installed, not only could it not function properly, but damage could occur to the garage door’s components over time, which would require costly repairs.

Fort Lupton Garage Door Replacement Services

If your garage door needs to be completely replaced, then we can safely remove the garage door and install a brand new garage door no matter what brand and model you desire.
Here at Colorado Garage Door, our goal is to continuously set a high standard for garage door services in the Fort Lupton area, whether it’s for garage door repairs, garage door installation or garage door replacement.